Sharon Platinum Ply is the ultimate tribute to productexcellence. The ONLY plywood in India
with a thick face of veneer, Sharon Platinum Ply
|offers unmatched strength, rigidity and dimensional strength. With a Guarantee forever, Sharon Platinum Ply is the most preferred by connoisseurs of fine living and is often seen used in exclusive villas and star hotels.
Timber Only Dipterocarpus popularly
known as Gurjan
Construction Completely balanced. Maximum
veneer-to-veneer ratio of 1.0:1.5
Density of Plywood Exceeds 825kg / cubic metre
Adhesive Undiluted BWP type
(Conforming to IS 848: 1974)
Preservative Treatment All veneers are treated with preservatives
Glue line is fortified with highly durable

Finished panels are treated with quality
Glue Shear Strength (Kgf/sq.inch) Minimum 135